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Brandy PhelpsHey ya’ll. My name is Brandy. I am a small town country gal from North Carolina and the founder of I grew up on a farm where “yes ma’am” and “yes sir” still exist. When you drive through my town, you are greeted with a small wave from behind the wheel of every passing vehicle. Your neighbors are family and even if they’re not, you still claim them as if they are your next of kin. In a time of crisis, people come together with open hands and hearts. Everyone looks forward to the next pig pickin’ and no one shows up for school on the opening day of hunting season. Folks wear cowboy boots and chew tobacco. Meal time is a family affair and every meal is blessed with prayer. We believe that the bigger the truck the better. Our town is a quiet town where the stars all have names and time passes silently. Folks in my town understand what it’s like to live a simple life and they wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

I am proudly one of those people. I am blessed to be from a town like my town. I’ve known that my whole life and I know that will never change. I graduated from high school and moved off to the big city for college. Despite the fact that I was almost 3 hours away from home, my roots still held onto me for dear life. I found that no matter where this life has taken me, I’m still drawn to the good hearted rural way of living. While away in the big city trying to find my way through the stop lights and exit signs, I realized that country folks exist everywhere, but finding them is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. This, my friend, is where Ag-Personalities fits into the equation.

I developed this website with one major goal in mind: to bring the good ole’ country folks together whether it be for friendship or dating. There are many online dating sites, but not one that caters to all of those folks with an interest in agricultural way of life. When I say agriculture, I’m talking about those people who hunt, fish, rodeo, camp, ride horses, raise livestock, farm, ride 4-wheelers, watch NASCAR, and love big tires on jacked up trucks. The list goes on and on. My hope is to bring those people together despite their zip codes.

You see, I believe in God and I believe in Church. I know that there is freedom in listening to country music with the windows rolled down. I would pick stars over street lights any day of the week. I believe that family is one of the most precious things in life. I believe that everyone wants someone to grow old with. Deep down inside, every human being wants someone special to sit beside them in a rocking chair and watch time go by, watch children grow up, and watch the seasons change. So, here’s to all of you who can relate to my story. Here’s to the individuals who feel like they will never find someone who respects where they come from and where they stand. There is hope out there somewhere. There is someone for everyone and I hope this site helps you find the one that fits into your rocking chair.